Wondering what retirement will look like for you? Hopefully, you’ll have more time to travel, see your loved ones and explore your hobbies.

And to help everything go smoothly later, it’s important to create a plan now that will help you meet your goals.

For example, will your insurance needs be covered? Are there any key details you might be forgetting about?

Make sure you’re on the right track by taking a look at these five retirement budgeting mistakes (and find out what to do instead).

    • Not Having a Retirement Budget: What kind of income will you have during your retirement years? What will your expenses look like? Having a firm grasp of your future needs can ensure you’ll be financially prepared.
    • Credit Card Debt: Excessive credit card debt can affect your retirement goals. If you’re planning to leave the workforce, debt beyond a mortgage may be an added challenge.
    • Neglecting Your Health: As you get older, you may need to focus more on your well-being. Getting regular checkups and embracing positive lifestyle choices can help reduce your risk of major health issues and the associated costs.
    • Forgetting Caregiving Costs: You’ll likely spend your retirement years enjoying your time, but you may reach a point where you need help from a caregiver. Does your budget factor in those expenses?
    • Not Prioritizing Your Insurance Coverage: The unexpected can happen. For example, you might experience a health crisis. Having the right amount of health care coverage and life insurance coverage can help make the unexpected easier to manage for you and your family.

If you’re thinking about your insurance coverage needs as you plan for retirement or anything else, we’re here to discuss your options.

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